"Present and future Security Environment in North-East and Central Asia: Ulaanbaatar - New Helsinki" conference.

Institute for Strategic Studies together with European security studies Gearge Marshall Center have organized the "Present and Future Security Environment in North - East and Central Asia: Ulaanbaatar - New Helsinki" Conference in 20 -21 April 2009 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference hall "Councel", Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The Conference has been opened by BG B.Davaadorj, Director of ISS, National Security Council and Speaker of Great Hural D.Demberel, Mr. Fischer, Ambassador of FRG to Mongolia, Counseller of the US Embessy in Mongolia Mr. N.Hill, Deputy Director of the G.MArshall Center General Major G.Graebner and Senior officer from Eurapean Security and Cooperation organization had delivered presentations to the conference.

The main objective of the conference was discussion with our foreign colleagues - researchers from abroad on features of Mongolian geopolitical situation which is connection between Central and North East Asia and possible real contribution of Mongolia into stabilizing the world and regional securities.

Members og the Great Hural and Government and more than 70 researchers and experts from the Mongolian side, more than 40 experts from 23 countries such as, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, FRGermany, Pillipines, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Izreal and Turkey, and Ambassadors from different countries in Mongolia have participated in the conference. Representative of the European security and cooperation organization, Mr. F.Skarpa, Dr. M.Reimaa, from Finland, who had played a leading role in the Helsinki negotiations, researchers mongolists from Russia and Germany, young researchers in the field of North East Asian studies and features of Mongolian geopolitical  situation.

The conference which has discussing Mongolian neurtal foreign policy and position, and to give better understanding if and possibilities and conditions of being Mongolia regional cooperation center, has have an objective to study threats to the North East Asian regional security, discussion of  Europaen experience of setting up  a dialogue mechanizm and the North East Asain dialogue mechanism formation, and finally, to define a role and position of Mongolia in this dialogue mechanism formation.

So our researchers are streaming to formulate Ulaanbaatar's role and significance being as a new arena for negotiation otherwise as "New Helsinki".